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August 1, 2012 / linjalinbot

Comic Con 2012, San Diego, CA (part 2)

Art, Toys, Comics, and Zombies

Installations on the main floor:

Optimus Prime

Lego Wall right

Lego Wall left

Art and Toys:

Doodle Barn

Doodle Barn

Doodle Barn

Army of Snipers Pandas

Chung Li Hello Kitty

Ramona Flowers!


Panda Domo

Outside Comic Con:

Zombie Run Tickets

Zombies:  They turned PetCo Park (i.e., huge baseball stadium) into a Zombie apocalypse with obstacles called:  The Walking Dead Escape.  Bear Crawls and Cardio @ Team Oyama helped me survive!  Check out this guy’s youtube vid of the Zombie run here.

Alongside with the god signs…

youtube basement party

Nerd HQ

Chrizinho @ Nerd HQ

Video Games @ Nerd HQ

Giant Comic Con Bags!



Anthony Bourdain sighting.

See you next year.


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