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May 18, 2012 / linjalinbot

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guanacaste, Costa Rica – November 2011.

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo

Sunset in Playa Flamingo.

My Chicago friends Steven and Vanessa got married in Costa Rica last November.  Steven’s from Oklahoma City and Vanessa’s from Brittany, France.  Guests flew in from all over:  Chicago, LA, Brittany, Paris, Oklahoma City, Houston, San Jose CR… etc.

Scuba Diving in Playa Flamingo

Heading out for my first scuba dive – certification not really required in CR apparently…

Boat ride out for scuba diving – on the way there were whales. 🙂

Sandypants and I did the free 10min scuba tutorial in the pool on our first day. Apparently, that’s all it takes to then go out on a boat and dive down to 12meters.  (Wiki tells me we skipped a few steps – aka certification)  Meh, we are both strong swimmers and it was amazing.

We went down and saw fish, stingrays, sea snakes…  To be really honest, the guide Andres taught us all the hand signals for the fish/sea animals like 10min before we got on the boat and I was trying harder to remember the signs for “i am running out of air,” “I lost my buddy Sandypants,” “I would like to go back up NOW”…  So the sea snake might have been a sea horse.. who knows… it was cloudy.

We were 4 people with Andres – me, Sandypants and a man and woman from Texas.  The guy kept bumping into me with his tank and picking up the starfish..!!!  wtf.  When he came back up, he was bleeding.. thanks for calling over the sharks!

Pacific Coast Dive Center – inside Playa Flamingo Resort

ATV Tours

Pre-Wedding ATV Tour of Playa Flamingo and beaches between Potrero and Brasilito. This is the view from the top of an abandoned mansion construction site.

Sandypants, Linjalinbot, and Renee.

View from the top of the tower.

View from the top of the tower towards Brasilito.

Totally not sketchy.

Playa Dante or Mina (i can’t remember…)

Sandypants and Jon at Playa Dante (or Mina)

Jon and Darwin – in Potrero

Playa Flamingo Baller Residential areas.

Playa Flamingo

A couple of hours before Steven and Vanessa’s wedding, we went on a kickass ATV tour of the neighbourhoods and the beaches between Potrero and Brasilito.

Just like the scuba diving, Jon and Darwin showed us where the gas, brake, and gears were and we were off.  My ATV had a sticker of Jesus on it.

Flamingo Adventures

Beach Wedding in Playa Flamingo

Steven and Vanessa’s Beach Wedding – Playa Flamingo.

We cleaned up in under an hour from the ATVing.

Steven and Vanessa had a beach wedding and reception at the resort in Playa Flamingo.  🙂

Palo Verde National Park

This monkey came to hang out in our boat and ate a banana slice from Sandypants’ hand. I want one…

Giant Lizard.

Crocodile feeding.

The day after the wedding, we booked the chillest tour we can find: a boat tour of Palo Verde National Park.

The Park is only an hour and a half or so from Playa Flamingo but the tour guide made a million stops to show us monkeys, leaves, trees, and birds on the way there.

Once there, we get on a boat and ride down the Tempisque River checking out the animals.


Las Brisas in Playa Potrero

Las Brisas patio – Playa Potrero. Wednesday Nights are Reggae Nights.

Sunset in Potrero – from Las Brisas patio.

Sunset at Playa Potrero

Playa Potrero is next door to Playa Flamingo.  During the ATV tour, we rode through there and Jon and Darwin pointed out Las Brisas, a restaurant/bar on the beach.  On Wednesday nights, Las Brisas is a huge party (reggae night).  The tourists hang out mostly on the patio; the locals are mostly inside.  Cross over is fine but it seemed like that was the natural split of the place.  I went with tourist-friends and local-friends, so it was ok but, not going to lie, it can be kinda sketch…  Make sure your cab drivers come get you and leave pre-closing time.  That being said, Las Brisas was fun, serves cheap drinks, the patio is on the sand, the sunsets there are gorgeous, I hear that food is really good, and it seems like everyone in the beach cities are there on Wednesdays.  🙂

Sandypants and Linjalinbot.

Looking forward to heading somewhere new…

Here are some links:

  • Ecotrans transport- cheaper and less sketchy way of getting around.  Book your transit to and from the airport with them.  Prices will be fixed.
  • Tours can be booked with Flamingo Adventures (ATV tour) and Ecotrans tours (Palo Verde).
  • Scuba trip we booked with Pacific Coast Dive Center located inside Playa Flamingo Resort.

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