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May 2, 2012 / linjalinbot

Headphones Music.

A collection of disturbing music videos on Vimeo.  Enjoy!

Portugal. The Man – Sleep Forever

I really wanted to go to Alaska until about minute 7…  then it was a nightmare until about minute 11..  when this emoticon was my face 😐 until the end…

I love Portugal. The Man…  John Gourley, even when your dogs are eating your brains…  *swoon*  hahah

The Shoes – Time to Dance

My French buddy JP sent me this video by The Shoes.  I checked it out while at work, which was probably not a great idea…  This super cute song works so well as the background for Jake Gyllenhaal going on a murder spree…..

St. Vincent – Cheerleader

St. Vincent is adorable.  She put on an amazing set at Coachella.  Check out these vids too:  (1) “Marry Me” filmed in a trailer and (2) Year of the Tiger at Coachella 2012.

Good night! xo


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