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July 11, 2011 / linjalinbot

Scorpion Fish – Bourdetto for dinner.

I was at the korean market (H-mart) in the fish department and they were selling Scorpion fish for 2.99$/lb.  Not going to lie, it was one fugly fish.  Check him out here.  I googled how to cook the scorpion fish and found out that it is a base ingredient in Bouillabese and it’s greek name is Scorpena AND i had eaten it at Milos (see here).

So I decided to try to make this greek recipe:  Bourdetto

It turned out pretty good but it was not as spicy as i expected.  I might up the pepper flakes and use tomato paste instead of tomatoes next time.  Good night!

WARNING:  Now that I’ve uploaded these pics, I realize that the fish looks Super FREAKY below. But I promise that post-plating it right – it tastes delicious.

Poking the Scorpion Fish.






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  1. bao-khanh / Jul 11 2011 6:14 am


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