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March 22, 2011 / linjalinbot

Abbot Kinney – Venice Beach, CA


Baristas at the Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Counter - Baristas zipping around

Perfect Latte with design in foam, Coffee-made-by-the-cup, and toffee cookie

Custom Fabricated Espresso Machines

Cozy work spaces

Stuff you wanna buy.

I came here on Sunday.  It’s the perfect rainy Sunday coffee spot.

At Intelligentsia coffeebar, when you get to the counter, a barista takes your order the way a bartender would (i.e., you order from him, he makes your coffee/espresso drink, and he rings you up).  I can’t explain why but it’s kinda nice.

I sat around for a bit in the corner spot, people watching/barista watching… It’s the type of coffee spot you can linger around, read a book, do your work… hang out.  I love it.

Notables:  They make perfect lattes (foam design and all) and amazing coffee-made-by-the-cup.


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